Darin M. Groteboer
  Minneapolis – St. Paul




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Darin is a partner and commercial real estate broker at Fort Inc. After relocating from San Diego to Minneapolis, and prior to joining Fort, he worked as a real estate attorney participating on numerous multi-family development projects in the downtown St. Paul core area continuing the trend of the downtown revitalization.
Prior to working in real estate in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area Darin worked as an attorney in San Diego practicing in numerous areas of the law including real estate, governmental, criminal and family. Darin litigated both in California State Courts as well as Federal Courts in California, Texas, Florida, Washington D.C., Virginia and Wisconsin.
Before he began his career as an attorney, Darin co-founded and operated a real estate investment company that focused on the acquisition of undervalued multi-family properties in California and Arizona.
Darin lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Amanda and kids Jackson and Annesly.