Operation Fort: G & G Property Development, LLC
The business partners of Netsource (a print management company) formed G & G Property Development, LLC (G & G) for real estate investment purposes.  G & G constructed a multi-tenant office/showroom building, leased a portion of the building to Netsource, and signed long term leases with two tenants for the remaining spaces in the building.
Netsource was in a position that required them to relocate, which meant G & G Property Development, LLC (G & G) would need to find a new tenant.  With a goal of limiting the partners rental exposure Netsource would continue operating out of its current space, and would not sign a lease for new space until a tenant was secured for G & G.  Fort Inc. was provided the challenge of procuring a new tenant for G & G, identifying a transition space for Netsource, and ensuring the timelines of each transaction limited the partnerships rental exposure.  
1. Identify industry segments and target prospects best fitting G & G vacant space.
2. Begin negotiations with most credible prospects.
3. Identify available properties fitting Netsource’s business needs and required occupancy date.
4. Outline transition timeline including the following:
Operation Fort New tenant’s target occupancy date for G & G space.
Operation Fort Required tenant improvements to G & G space.
Operation Fort Required tenant improvements for Netsource’s new space.
Operation Fort Time necessary to move Netsource’s business to new building.
5. Negotiate and execute both leases with commencement dates that coincide with the timeline necessary for property improvements and business transition period.
Fort Inc. identified a worldwide publicly traded technical service firm who would be a great fit for the G & G building. The prospect’s requested improvements and desired occupancy date required fast action. With a small window of opportunity Fort Inc. utilized its broad network to identify a transition property fitting Netsource’s specific business needs and transition timeline. Fort Inc. negotiated a free rent period with overlapping occupancy dates that provided time for G&G to complete tenant improvements and Netsource to move its business. The multifaceted transaction resulted in a 100% occupied building for G & G with a new long term tenant while successfully eliminating Netsource’s obligation to pay rent on two properties.
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