Operation Fort: Smart Data Solutions
Company Overview:
Smart Data Solutions Inc. (SMS) leverages technology to meet the needs of health care claims managers.  TPAs, PPOs, HMOs, hospitals and insurance companies depend on Smart Data Solution’s technology to save money and streamline their business.  From paper processing to claims management and EDI, Smart Data Solutions offers the solutions critically needed by today’s health care industry.
In an industry with high profile clients SMS knew the image their current facility projected did not represent the competitive advantage their superior services provided.  SMS needed a new space with an atmosphere that supplemented their brand image and would help attract and retain top talent.  The challenge was identifying a building that complimented its corporate image, was centrally located to its workforce, provided both a social and collaborative work environment, and was competitively priced.
1. Map current employee residences and identify centrally located business districts.
2. Target buildings and locations with an atmosphere emphasizing social and active lifestyles.
3.   Analyze advertised rents while isolating properties with discrepancies in taxes and excessive common area maintenance charges.
4. Solicit proposals creating a competitive environment, identify Landlord motivation, and create leverage throughout the negotiation process.
Jake Gerads identified an 8,000 SF endcap office space containing three window lined walls that provided an abundance of natural light.  The building had excellent freeway access central to SDS’s employee base and complimented its brand image nicely.  Although the landlord offered an attractive base rent and excelled in common area maintenance cost control; the target space did not have a desirable space plan.  Jake leveraged his knowledge of current market trends and alternative spaces to create a competitive environment which lead to a turnkey space redesign paid for at the landlord’s expense.  Tenant specific improvements included: tall ceilings, supplemental heating/cooling along the glass perimeter, game room, private shower and workout facilities.  While utilizing leverage and an in-depth analysis of the market Jake Gerads was able to reduce SMS’s gross rental rate per square foot by nearly 50% when compared to their previous corporate location.
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