Operation Fort: Urban Escapes
Company Overview:
Established in 2006 Urban Escapes is a full service landscape and design company focused on creating and improving the interaction between humans and nature using environmentally friendly means.
Urban Escapes was confronted with the need to relocate its operation in a short period of time. Office / Warehouse properties in its target market and size range had been leasing fast as the overall economy began to rebound.  Identifying an ideal space within the short window of time allowed, and on a limited budget, was sure to be a challenge.
We first identified the property characteristics that Urban Escapes desired long term, and then identified the bare building amenities that were essential to its business.  Fort Inc. simultaneously searched for properties that fit its long term goals, and properties offering short term leases containing the bare essentials.  The goal was to secure a space that fit Urban Escapes long term business plan while creating a contingency plan with short term options that reinforced our negotiating position.  
Having first identified a short term option that met Urban Escapes core needs, Fort Inc. continued with an exhaustive search to unveil a property fitting perfectly into Urban Escapes long term plan.  After a thorough analysis of competing properties operating expenses, Fort Inc. confirmed the building ownership of the target property excelled in cost control. Utilizing the short term option as leverage Fort Inc. successfully negotiated a lease in Urban Escapes ideal location that contained a competitive price and a flexible lease term allowing for future growth.
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