Operation Fort: GrimmSpeed
Established in 2006, GrimmSpeed creates highly engineered aftermarket products for the automotive industry.  Its business was growing exponentially, and they were bursting at the seams in their current location.  Fort inc. was given the challenge of identifying a new space which provided substantial room for growth while also minimizing GrimmSpeeds out of pocket capital needed for the move.
1. Identify properties fitting GrimmSpeeds key facility needs.
2. Target property owners exhibiting signs of motivation.
3. Create leverage to negotiate favorable terms and deal concessions.
4. Include lease terms that reinforce GrimmSpeed’s strategy for growth.
After a thorough market analysis Fort Inc. identified a property fitting Grimmspeed’s needs, and whose building ownership exhibited signs of motivation.  While creating leverage Fort inc. was able to negotiate below market lease rates with exceptional lease terms that reinforced GrimmSpeed’s long term growth plans.
As part of the rental concessions the building ownership agreed to contribute over 80% of the construction cost for a new 100% customized office, engineering and production area.  To further sweeten the deal Fort Inc. negotiated eleven (11) months of free rent for Grimmspeed.
In addition to exceptional rental terms and construction contributions, we paid close attention to GrimmSpeeds growth objectives.  Fort Inc. further utilized leverage to negotiate a first right of refusal on adjacent spaces while including an exit clause in the lease, which provided multiple solutions reinforcing GrimmSpeed’s growth strategy.
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