Operation Fort: Speculative Investment Turned Cash Cow
  Superior Landscape and Hamlin Mechanical were both looking for a property to purchase for their business operations.  With few properties available in their size range the two businesses decided to partner (creating Summit Commercial Properties) in order to expand their search opportunities to larger buildings.  A building was identified that fit both of their requirements, but it was twice the size of their immediate need.
  While the building provided ample room for growth; the size (and attached price tag) would require a creative financing structure.  Prior to closing Summit Commercial Properties would need to secure a tenant in the surplus space to provide additional rental income. Identifying a tenant who fit the surplus space, had a budget that matched the income gap required for financing, and whose target occupancy coincided with the target close date was sure to be a challenge.
Operation Fort Analyze regional supply and demand while dissecting critical aspects of the building in order to create a multi-tenant environment which will appropriately address the rental requirements for financing.
Operation Fort Complete a competitive analysis of surrounding properties to identify and appropriately account for the building’s key strengths and weaknesses.
Operation Fort Maximize market exposure by creating multiple space plan options fitting demand for a broad range of different user groups with a target of achieving the highest rental rates possible.
Our market analysis identified demising the surplus space into three smaller units would position the vacancy in a more competitive arena with higher rental rates.  With assistance from an extensive commercial brokerage community Fort Inc. identified a tenant for the first of three spaces whose terms matched those needed for financing.  An early occupancy agreement solved a discrepancy between the target occupancy and the target close date.  Within 3 months of closing Fort Inc. found two additional tenants for the remaining vacancy, which is providing an exciting investment opportunity for the building owners!
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